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Testicle Troopers are back

2011-07-11 22:09:42 by FuckYouTesticle

Wat da fuk u gon' do 'bout it!?

Testicle Troopers are back


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2011-07-11 22:10:59

Were back baby!


2011-07-11 22:49:10

sounds gay

FuckYouTesticle responds:

BUT u not can do anthn bout it!!


2011-07-27 16:06:53

Here's how to operate your wii bag!

1: Grab 1 wii bag out of the box, and unfold it, straighten it out, and examine it closely.

2: Feel around it. You will find crystals in there. They absorb your wii and convert it into a gel.

3: Now... Insert your penis into the hole of the bag. With that done, simply find a spot of the car, or other area youre at, and prepare.

4: Wii into the wii bag. It will be a awkward situation. Although you might not be used to it at first, you got to adapt. Otherwise, you will be holding in piss and semen for a long long time.

5: Once you finish wiiing in the wii bag, pull your penis out and feel the bag. It should have a liquidish feel inside... Hopefully the crystals do the job of converting the piss into a gel.

6: Discard the bag. In the trash can, or somewhere it wont get in the way so you can dispose of it later. If you were wiiing in the desert, then go on and chuck it off to the side.

7: Now move on before it becomes awkward. Incase you have trouble wiiing, just imagine waterfalls. That always works.

Now you know how to operate a wii bag. Find a box, and carry them with you. You never know when you might need them. Just ask Richard Hammond. For more information on a wii bag, go to and search "Wii Bag" and hopefully any questions you might have should be answered there. Good luck... Coming soon is the Vaginal Funnel!

Pay an extra $5 and you get the Supersize Spermanator. All for the low low price... for $15.99. Dont use your pants!


2011-08-23 17:09:05


FuckYouTesticle responds:

Awiee, well Rn't u a liddle petty poo poo?


2011-08-23 18:36:53

yo man what the word

FuckYouTesticle responds:

Oh hi pal